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Address: Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc, Vietnam.
Tel: (84-773) 848203 , (84-773) 980208

Terms & Condition

- All rates are in USD.
- Children up to 12 years old without extra bed are free of charge.
- Any amendment or cancellation made 4 (day)s prior to check-in date will not be charged. Deposit for at least one night might be required to guarantee your reservation at that point of time.
ROOM RATES ( US$/room/night )

Room Type m2 Occupancy Rate Extra Bed Book online
Standard room    Single / Double / Triple  $20 / $20 / $25  none   Book now
Special room - Type 2    Single / Double / Triple  $27 / $27 / $32  none   Book now
Special room - Type 2: Quad    Double  $36  none   Book now
Special room - Type 1    Single / Double / Triple  $30 / $30 / $35  none   Book now
Standard Bungalow    Single / Double / Triple  $25 / $25 / $30  none   Book now
Special Bugalow-Type 3    Single / Double / Triple  $35 / $35 / $39  none   Book now
Special Bugalow-Type 3: Quad    Double  $42  none   Book now
Special Bugalow-Type 2    Single / Double / Triple  $40 / $40 / $44  none   Book now
Special Bugalow-Type 2: Quad    Double  $47  none   Book now
Special Bugalow-Type 1    Single / Double / Triple  $49 / $49 / $53  none   Book now
Special Bugalow-Type 1: Quad    Double  $57  none   Book now

Note: 10% tax and 5% service charge are excluded.

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Thousand Star Resort in Phu Quoc - Click for large Picture
Thousand Star Resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

- One side is cliffs, the other is Bai Truong sandbank spreading out to the horizon. In front of you, the sky and the sea intermingle with countless twinkle stars, the stars of sky and fishing boat where man and nature come together.
- Thousand Stars - name of new resort which is located in the windy hill, with harmonious architecture, with animal statues set up meticulously along a road to the bedrooms, seafood restaurant, fresh water bathroom, changing rom by the sea.
- Wallowing in the warm, clean sea with friends or family, and enjoying countryside seafood, or sipping a few glass of beer, or sitting with a cup of coffee is marvelous.
- A natural, peaceful and quiet lover can not help falling in love with the above sunset. All difficulties of studying, working and daily life arrangements seems to get rid of completely and starting new feeling, new plans for tomorrow.
- Hurry up to come and join our Phu Quoc excursion to enjoy that full of romantic nature beauty. “Thousand Stars” is really an ideal destination for your holiday.
Location :
- By air: Vietnam Airlines ATR72 aircraft from Ho Cho Minh City (3flights/day, 50 minutes) and from Rach Gia (daily, 25minutes) to Phu Quoc and back.
- By Sea: Daily express boats between Rach gia and An Thoi (2 and half hours, departing from Rach gia at 8:30am and from An Thoi at 2:00pm); and between Hon Chong (Ha Tien) and An Thoi (1hour, departing from Hon Chong at 3:00pm and from An Thoi at 9:00pm)

Facilities & Services

Hotel with 50 comfortable and air-conditioned bedrooms by the sea. Each is well appointed with air-conditioning, private shower room and separate toilet, IDD telephone, TV, fridge…
- Airport and City Shuttle
- Motorbikes, car, boat rental
- Souvenir Shop
- Parking - Swimming Pool
- IDD telephone in all rooms
- Airline ticket confirmation
- Foreign currency exchange
- Laundry service
- Safe deposit Box at Reception Desk
- 300 seats airy seafood restaurant with local experienced cooks.
- Tour guide 150,000 VN$/ 1 day

Landscape - Speciality :

- Phu Quoc has worldwide been famous for its two traditional products: the pepper and fish sauce. The numbers are quite surprising: hundreds of fish sauce workshops (annual output: 10 million liters) and countless pepper gardens (total area: 500 ha). Visitors to pepper gardens will be captivated by word of "itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny coins" of patient growers while at fish sauce workshops, they will be amazed at the sight of dozens of bulky barrels being lined up and waiting to be jammed with fresh fish. You will be tempted to try a few pungent green pepper coins and half a spoonful of the tasty salty sauce.
- Phu Quoc is known for its seafood, dies cuttlefish, ca thieu (dried fish slices), nuoc mam (fish sauce) and black pepper. For deer, eel, frog and cuttle fish (as well as more convention fare).

- Phuquoc Natural Reserve: Established in 1986 and later expanded to a total are of 37,000 ha, Phu Quoc Nature Reserve with diverse flora and fauna covers mainly the mountainous northern part of the island. There are nearly 929 tree species of which 19 newly-found species are first recorded in Vietnam. The forest is home to many species of birds and small mammals (flying squirrels, sloth-monkeys…) As explained by the French Larousse dictionary, the famous Phu Quoc dog is a well-tamed wild canine species which has become hunters' favorite companion. Trekking through the park should be done in the dry season only.
- Dinh Cau Rock: Situated by the mouth of the Duong Dong River , Dinh Cau Rock is considered the symbol of Phu Quoc where sand, sea, sun, and stone blend in perfect harmony. It is not only an odd-shaped scenic beauty but also a quaint sacred holy place. Local fishermen pray to God here before setting sail. The romantic steps take you to the top, where you can feel the gentle sea breeze, watch sunset over the eroded rock formation and enjoy a peaceful view of the Duong Dong River.
- Duong Dong Riverside market: A nice way to get an insight into the life of a locality is socializing

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